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Trading2Trader is a one-on-one process that helps traders increase their ability to control their trading.


The discretionary traders we work with are experienced with the Market Profile in trading futures and stocks.

We help them develop and use personalized, practical models to clarify, align, and exploit what they know, think, and do.


“The work with ExceptionalTrader takes us back to the source of where one’s trading business begins, ourselves. We learn how to create our own system based on who we are, where we are, and what we need to achieve our goals. Instead of burning through our resources hoping to find a system that fits us or at least one we may be able to adapt to ourselves; wouldn’t it be better to create our own? One that fits our goals, our values, our vision, since we created it.”  —Floyd Hagen


Why Trading2Trader?

Since 2001, we’ve made it a practice to ask traders, “What one thing would most improve your trading results?”

The three most common responses are:

  • To have more control over my trading.
  • To be more consistent doing what I know to do.
  • To make better decisions about what I see on my screens.

We consider these responses to be symptoms of something larger:

  • NOT knowing what they truly want or need to do.
  • NOT using and personalizing the frameworks that dictate, amplify and govern their performance.
  • NOT doing what is in their best interest.

As a result, we developed Trading2Trader knowing that we could make a positive difference in a trader’s search for success.

Why Trading2Trader Works

Trading2Trader works because our clients develop and personalize practical models that increase control over their trading performance.

They do this by:

  • Clarifying and using their core principles to dictate their trading performance.
  • Using their core skills to amplify their trading performance.
  • .Adhering to the models and systems that govern their trading performance.
  • Consistently raising-the-bar on their trading performance.


“Through your process, I designed it, and I own it, unlocking the power that is unique to me alone. This coupled with Blue has given me a distinct advantage over all my competitors in the marketplace. I am most grateful for your development of the one-on-one process, breaking things down into bite-size portions allowing just about anyone that is willing to do the work and take ownership of it and build on it going forward. Your teams commitment to ongoing support was and still is today priceless in helping me continually refine and build my business.”  —Paul Petrillo


How Trading2Trader Works

We help our clients:

  • Clarify and prioritize their trading performance-standards and target-results.
  • Discover their ‘best fit’ trading-performance options.
  • Close the gap between the trader they currently are and the trader they’re capable of being.
  • Capitalize on their core trader skills.
  • Build and use trading models and systems that can produce the results they seek.
  • Consistently raise-the-bar on the quality of their performance.


“Prior to starting my ExceptionalTrader development process, I was more or less an amalgam of many trading styles and strategies that I had learned and observed from others. Copying others was not working for me, and I was lost for a solution. ExceptionalTrader was the solution I was seeking.”  —Carl Rohsenberger

Is our Trading2Trader Process right for you?

To learn if Trading2Trader is right for you, schedule a ‘Get Acquainted’ call. We’ll answer your questions, talk about your goals and what’s impeding your progress. Together we’ll determine if Trading2Trader is a good fit.

Go here and gain access to our Resources section. Once there, read several articles and watch a few videos, and if our perspectives on trading are compatible, schedule a Get Acquainted call and/or Go here, to meet the ExceptionalTrader Team.

Questions? Click here to email us, or call us at (702) 819-8072.

Want to learn more?

Questions? Email us at, or call us at (702) 819-8072