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ExceptionalTrader Team

ExceptionalTrader Team


Terry Liberman
Principal Facilitator and Coach

“I personally help discretionary, futures and stock traders take control of their trading performance so they can achieve their target results by doing more with less. I do this because when I wasn’t in control it cost me significant time, energy, and money. Costs, I now know, that could’ve been avoided.”

Terry is an entrepreneur and business owner. He retired in 1990 after twenty plus years of helping other entrepreneurs, business owners, and professional practitioners take control of their businesses and practices.

After a brief break and a few real estate projects, he started trading full-time in 1993.

Knowing a lot about what it takes to succeed, he read the books, took course after course, worked with mentors, and literally made trading his life seven days a week.

In 1997 after four years of failures, frustrated he couldn’t really get con-trol of his trading, he decided to quit and started the unwinding process.

As things sometimes happen, two events changed his relationship with trading.

First, he discovered the Market Profile which helped him begin to un-derstand how markets work and market participants behave.

Second, he stepped away from the markets for several weeks to learn why he had failed and what he needed to do to succeed.

The result: Over the following months he was able to take control of his trading and achieve the success he wanted.

In 2001, unable to find software that met his criteria, he purchased the original WindoTrader Company, designed a completely new application and hired Eric to program his ideas into reality. The result? Terry got the software he wanted for his trading.

In 2003, Eric added a user interface for subscribers and the rest is history. WindoTrader became the ultimate Market Profile and Volume Analytics application of choice.

From 2005 to 2010, Jim Dalton and Terry partnered to help floor traders gain an edge in transitioning from the trading floor to the trading screen.

In 2011, Terry and Eric focused their efforts and increased WindoTrader’s functionality and value for subscribers in two ways:

First, by launching WindoTraderBLUE, and

Second, by expanding WindoTrader’s educational offerings and re-sources beyond market interpretation and trade execution. Infor-mation focused on becoming a successful trader versus successful trading.

In 2013, due to increased interest in trader-development materials and services, Terry launched as a resource for those in-terested in developing their potential as traders beyond executing trades.




Maril Lee
Client Relationship and Administrative Manager

“From the first moment of each client’s initial contact with us, I am here to support them. My support includes everything from schedule coordination to monitoring their progress based on pre-determined milestones.”

Maril is the managing partner of both WindoTrader and ExceptionalTrader. Her primary responsibility is orchestrating the day-to-day operations and coordinating team member support for subscribers and clients.

Her unique knowledge and experience, as a trader of her own portfolio in Futures and Options and as a former owner/operator of two successful small businesses, contributes greatly to the overseeing of ExceptionalTrader’s business operation.



Eric Cassidy
Tech Developer

“I develop and continually improve our technology-driven support tools to help our clients do what they need and want to do to reach their goals.”

Over the past 15 years Eric has developed many iterations and complete re-writes of WindoTrader, the Market Profile, and Volume Analytics software for traders.

He applies his experience with traders and prior development work to support the technical excellence of ExceptionalTrader. Eric produces edu-cational tech tools that help clients enhance their learning and management activities via technical functions.



Paul Petrillo
Facilitator and Coach

 “As a result of my experience as a client working with the team through both individual and group processes, I became a team member to help others potentially avoid mistakes that cost me significant, time, energy and money.”

Paul, a long-time advisor in the financial services industry who started trading with Options, moved on to Futures (ES then CL). Along the way, he blew up his brokerage account multiples times. But when he heard about Market Profile, Paul subscribed to WindoTrader software.

Shortly thereafter he began working with Terry to focus on his own trading process as a private client. As a client, he broke the chains of control that the market had over him and quickly regained control of his trading.

As time progressed, Paul continued to participate in the Core Skills Work-shop, Trading2Trader Group Process, and RoundTables. In 2016, after having reached his first milestone as a trader, he began participating as an ExceptionalTrader team member.



Kimberly Schulz

Based on my experience, the changes I made, and the results I’m achieving, Terry asked me if I would like to join the ET Team. I said yes. Why? Because I want to help traders become the best trader they’re capable of being”  

Kimberly, having become successful in the corporate world of business equipment, left the management of her long-term investing funds to a portfolio manager. She didn’t know why her portfolio consistently under-performed and so set out to study the market.

She studied investments which then led her to trading.

As someone with an ‘entrepreneurial’ spirit, she decided to manage her own funds. She immersed herself in course after course, book after book, jumping from one trading expert to another and experiencing the joy of winning and the pain of losing like most novice traders.

Kimberly, who was not one to give up, developed a course of study that required additional learning. At the same she had to unlearn counter-productive beliefs she acquired in the corporate world in order to obtain the mindset of a successful trader.
She became an Exceptional Trader client and mapped out a long-term developmental process for herself. To increase her overall effectiveness she executed her trade plan, and at the same time managed her skill development. As a result, Kimberly’s understanding of the market deepened.

Kimberly is now an ExceptionalTrader team member who participates in group presentations as her schedule permits while she focuses on her own trading.


Want to learn more?

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