ExceptionalTrader Individual Process

A facilitated process focused on profound clarification, structured implementation, and supported performance.

Be the Trader You Want to Be

Our ExceptionalTrader Individual Process is designed to help you close the gap between where you are and where you want to be, your way.

When You Look At Yourself as a Trader, Do You See the Best Trader You’re Capable of Being?

I ask the question because most of us know there is a gap between where we are currently and our ‘Vision of Our Ideal’.

But, before I go further, let me say, I don’t have the answer as to what anyone needs to close their gap. In fact, my belief is that only you can close the gap because only you really know what will work for you and ‘fit’ the way you do, what you do.

Yet, sometimes we are overly subjective about ourselves and truly miss the forest for the trees.


40 Years of Trading Experience' to 'Decades of Experience

For over four decades I have worked with individuals from many walks of life including the last 20+ years working with traders and helping them be what they’re capable of being. To do this I focus my knowledge, experience, and skills to help them:

  • Identify and understand their ‘gap’ including various causes for its existence,
  • Clarify their most important, relevant, and timely options for closing the gap, and
  • Create and implement processes for closing it and achieving the results they seek.

In individual sessions, we work together to develop a roadmap based on your ‘Vision of Your Ideal’. For some clients that means personal financial security and for others the development of a successful trading firm managing client portfolios.

You Are Unique

Being so means your process will be like no other. The context of our work together based on the core principles of general systems theory:

Input, process, output, and feedback

That means we co-design our work together, work through processes together, and interact within a common framework focused on you going further, faster.

Individual processes are only available in-person

Not online. The facilitation phase covers one to three days plus weekly support over a mutually agreed upon term.

Individual processes start at $8,500

Because of the nature of these processes, it is imperative that we mutually determine if we are a good fit via a few phone calls and the completion of our Client Profile.

Our Clients Say:

To help you better understand what this Process has meant to other clients, we share the following excerpts from their letters to us. Because each process is different and is based on personal as well as trading information, we do not disclose names.

Client: Entrepreneur and Trader

Before I began to go through the process, I had been working on my trading business for many years. I’d spent that time trying this and that methodology, this and that charting package, technical charting styles, indicators, various time frames, etc. etc., on and on.

I read many of the popular books. I also tried trading someone else’s recommendations thinking I would learn something. (You know, the newsletter guys— the ones that do all the work and just tell you when and how to trade. Maybe I just had a run of bad newsletters but I’ve lost as much money trading someone else’s trades as I have in my own independent fumbling’s). I tried just about everything!

What I didn’t understand or recognize back then was that I needed to learn to think for myself. The markets are big and unpredictable, unfamiliar entities that demand from us disciplines and skills we probably didn’t acquire in other life accomplishments. And they are approached from so many angles, methodologies, philosophies, and dimensions that finding your niche can be an extremely daunting task. This difficulty is amplified when we do not build our approach to the markets in harmony with who we are, how we think, and many other aspects of our personality. I have come to recognize that many traders, including myself, may be complicating an already difficult task by using methods and tools that are not congruent with who we are.

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