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ExceptionalTrader Services

"Be who you are capable of being.
Do what you are capable of doing."


Core Trader Essentials

Core Trader Essentials is a three-part, interactive process focused on supporting you in developing practical and usable models to capitalize on the power of your:


Core Trading Principles―When clarified and adhered to, reduce uncertainty and increase consistent, confident performance.


Core Trader Skills--When integrated and used proficiently, along with your ‘best practice’ trading skills, give a tangible edge to your trading process.

Tuition: $445. 

To learn more, schedule a Get Acquainted call.

Trading2Trader Workshop (Prerequisite: Core Trader Essentials)

Trading2Trader supports traders in developing and personalizing models that:

  • Clarify the Trading Culture that can dictate their trading behaviors and actions
  • Orchestrate and amplify their ability to capitalize on their Core Trader Skills
  • Govern their trading: business, process, system, and performance rules
  • Confirm and enhance their trading performance and ‘Kaizen’ Process

Trading2Trader Workshops are offered twice a year (spring and fall). The next Workshop will be offered in the fall of 2018 with details posted once it is scheduled.

Keystone Client Coaching (Prerequisite: Core Trader Essentials)

A 14-week, interactive-coaching process dedicated to supporting qualified clients in actualizing the results they’re capable of achieving.

Curious About Us or Our Work?

Go here and gain access to our Resources section. Once there, read several articles and watch a few videos, and if our perspectives on trading are compatible, schedule a Get Acquainted call and/or Go here, to meet the ExceptionalTrader Team.

Questions? Click here to email us, or call us at (702) 819-8072.

Want to learn more?

Questions? Email us at, or call us at (702) 819-8072