ExceptionalTrader's purpose is to help traders develop structures and systems essential to controlling their trading performance



ExceptionalTrader’s Principles


We are responsible and accountable. We do what we say—if we don’t, we make it right.

We are a resource. We develop, facilitate, coach, and support client processes.

We co-develop and nurture win-win, meaningful relationships.

We support our client’s processes by consistently . . .


  • Challenging the status quo and conventional wisdom.
  • Seeking knowledge and wisdom.
  • Exploring different ways to achieve the desired results.
  • Advancing the knowledge and skill level of our team.
  • Referring to others when in our client’s best interest.
  • Being available, accessible and responsive.
  • Helping our clients achieve their goals—their way.


We continually strengthen our value as a unique and important entity by . . .

  • Increasing our congruence with our core principles and purpose.
  • Allocating our time, energy, creativity, and support to what’s important.
  • Being collaborative catalysts, facilitators, and coaches.
  • Reinvesting resources in our business for its ongoing success.
  • Giving back to our community by providing work and scholarships.

Want to learn more?

Questions? Email us at support@excpetionaltrader.com, or call us at (702) 819-8072