ExceptionalTrader Philosophy and Principles

ExceptionalTrader Services . . .

. . . help you become the trader you’re capable of being.

What We Do

We work with experienced, discretionary futures and stock traders who strive to be the trader they’re capable of being.

What We Believe

“Be who you are capable of being.
Do what you are capable of doing.” —Terry

Why We Do What We Do

Since 2001, we’ve asked hundreds of traders to name one thing that would improve their trading. The three most common responses in sequence of priority were:

  1. To control their trading
  2. To be consistent
  3. To make better decisions

We have created processes that not only address the significance of these three responses as symptoms, but also support traders in developing personalized models that enable them to take control of their trading, perform consistently with their trading process, and increase their ability to make informed, higher-probability trading decisions.

Why What We Do Works

Clients achieve their defined and declared goals and objective - because they - (not us):

Trade congruent with their trading principles.

Competently use their core trading skills.

Personalize and adhere to their operating models.

How We Do What We Do

We help clients:

  • Determine what’s important and relevant to achieving their goals.
  • Define the best use of their gifts, talents, knowledge and experience.
  • Structure models that help them accelerate the achievement of their goals.

We do this as performance coaches focused on supporting traders close the gap between their current level of performance and the performance they are capable of.


We Support Our Clients by Consistently . . .

Challenging the conventional wisdom about trading.

Seeking knowledge and wisdom vs. information and data.

Discovering effective ways to achieve desired results.

Finding ways to capitalize on our T-E-A-M resources.

Referring to other providers when it is in our client’s best interest.

Being accessible and responsive.

Supporting in ways that do not create dependency relationships.

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