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The Missing Piece: The Synthesis of ‘Hard’ and ‘Soft’ Trading Skills

By Susan Boskey | May 25, 2017

This is part one of two articles on ‘soft’ skills. These skills provide a missing piece to your trading proficiency and can take your trading performance to the next level. Have you ever . . . . . . started solving a problem only to discover you were working on a symptom of the problem—and…

Trading: An Activity vs. Trader as Business Owner

By Susan Boskey | April 7, 2017

“The trader’s long-term success hinges on entrepreneurial skills.” “Trading is not just a business but also a business organization.” “Many traders fail because they establish ineffective trading businesses.” “The successful trading business weaves best practices into best processes.” —Brett Steenbarger, Trading Psychology 2.0 Here are four quotes I have highlighted from Brett Steenbarger’s latest book,…

Earning the Right to Succeed

By Terry | March 22, 2017

“Earning the right is your responsibility yet always a choice.” —Gerry Gallop In follow-up to our most recent Trading2Trader Group Process, a participant called me regarding a presentation I did on ‘earning the right.’ Her request was for ideas on how to incorporate the concept in the trading plan she was drafting. Before I share…

Making Better Decisions

By admin | December 3, 2015

Making Better Decisions As traders, we spend more time making decisions than we do trading. Yet few traders invest significant amounts of time learning how to make better decisions. It’s natural to take decision-making for granted, but the fact is, problem-solving and decision-making are processes that can be optimized. Having worked with traders in varying…

Support Team: Initial Meeting

By admin | December 2, 2015

The initial meeting with a new support-team member is vitally important. A good connection and aligned values means everything. Here are some ideas for a checklist to help increase the odds of a successful first meeting. In this article we’ll share several key steps for successfully developing and gaining the most benefit from your support…

Developing Your Support Team

By admin | December 2, 2015

True and ideal support is when those who provide support understand what is important to you. They willingly expend their energy to help you achieve your goals and attain your vision. Whether they are compensated or not is irrelevant. What is important is that you work together as both peers and equals rather than in…

A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink

By admin | December 2, 2015

“The two hemispheres of our brain don’t operate as on-off switches— one powering down as soon as the other starts lighting up. Both halves play a role in nearly everything we do.”—Daniel Pink. You are better informed while making decisions that matter in your trading practice when you resource both your logical AND intuitive brains.…

Brokers—More than ‘Order Handlers’

By admin | December 2, 2015

It is possible, and more essential than you may think, to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with a knowledgeable, caring, and supportive broker. This is one of the most valuable human resources a trader can have on their trading-support team The issue today is not finding a brokerage firm to do business with but finding…

Flawless Execution by James Murphy

By admin | December 2, 2015

James Murphy, a former F-15 fighter pilot, works with his clients in his consulting firm by adapting many techniques and strategies used by fighter pilots. Flawless Execution, Murphy’s second book, expands on several insightful points from his first book, Business is Combat. My introduction to his work and business philosophy was via a friend who…

Three Ideas to Increase Your Trading Edge

By admin | December 2, 2015

Gain real-time advantage by gathering new and effective ideas from peer partners in the trading industry. It’s a vital resource for those striving to improve their outcomes. Here are three ideas we shared with a group of clients during one of our ‘Peer Partners’ sessions. Those who not only implemented the ideas but also modified…

Data vs. Information

By admin | December 2, 2015

Collecting data is big business. In fact, there’s a name for it, Big Data. Some sources of data are the news media, public records, social media, blogs, customer profiles, company reports, and equipment logs. How important is all this data swirling around in the world today to your successful trading? Due to the volume of…

Methodology—What’s in a Word?

By admin | December 2, 2015

In the trading industry, the word ‘methodology’ is used often. Do you have a reliable system for getting the trading results you want? If so, do you follow it religiously? Learn why this is so important for consistently getting the results you want Before going further, we should ‘drill down’ and really understand what it…

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