ExceptionalTrader Philosophy, Principles and Team


Why We Do What We Do

Our Trading Philosophy

We believe:

  • Trading is an activity of vast potential and inherent pitfalls.
  • Professional mindsets supported by ‘mental models’ are essential for success.
  • Success is personally defined.
  • Success, personally defined, is the result of bringing together multiple, disparate elements.
  • Working hard combined with working ‘smart’ offers an edge.
  • True support is helping others become what they’re capable of being.
  • Dynamic, evolving support is key to success.
  • General systems theory is a primary growth tool
  • Results are achieved in direct proportion to the extent one’s key resources are invested and exploited.

ExceptionalTrader Core Principles

We support you to become the trader you aspire to be.

Our core principles:

  • We are responsible, accountable and do what we say. If we don’t, we make it right.
  • We are a resource. We develop dynamic models, and facilitate, coach, and support client processes.
  • We co-develop and nurture congruent, win-win, meaningful relationships.

We support clients by consistently:

  • challenging the conventional wisdom about trading.
  • seeking knowledge and wisdom vs. information and data.
  • discovering effective ways to achieve desired results.
  • finding ways to capitalize on our T-E-A-M resources.
  • referring other providers when in our clients' best interest.
  • being accessible and responsive.
  • supporting in ways that do not create dependency relationships.

ExceptionalTrader Team


Terry Liberman
Principal Facilitator and Coach

“I work with clients to help them close the gap between where they are, and where they want to be. I help them define what they must do to achieve their goals, and continually support them to raise-the-bar on their performance proficiency.”

Terry retired in 1990 after years as a business consultant. In 1993 he started trading full-time. Realizing what it would take to become successful, he went the familiar route of reading countless books, working with mentors, and ‘lived’ trading. After four years of failures, he prepared to abandon trading altogether. But then, in 1997, he discovered the Market Profile, read Jim Dalton’s and Peter Steidlmayer’s books, and took Jim Dalton’s course. With this change of direction, he reversed his failures, achieved the success he sought, and continues to this day building on what he learned with his own practices.

In 2001, after trying a number of different applications, Terry purchased the WindoTrader software. He and Eric created a totally new version while drawing on a couple of the original application’s unique features. As word spread and others wanted to use it, Eric refined the user-interface and Terry created educational offerings that helped users interpret market activity and make better decisions when using the Market Profile and WindoTrader.

In late 2005, Terry partnered with Jim to offer educational programs for traders transitioning them from the trading floor to the screen. Jim wrote and taught in the seminars, webinars, and intensives, while Terry oversaw the business operation and supported clients implementing the principles they were learning. In 2010, after this great experience, Terry and Jim set off in different directions.

As such, Terry focused his efforts in two ways based on what he had learned in his work with Jim. He further developed (with Eric) the next version of WindoTrader, adding, Volume Analytics, and also took his educational resources to a level beyond the world of market interpretation and trade execution to include information about what it takes for traders to reach their personal, desired potential.

In 2013, increased interest in trader-development materials and services led Terry to the launch ExceptionalTrader.com as a resource for those interested in developing their potential as traders beyond executing trades.



Maril Lee
Client Relationship and Administrative Manager

“From the first moment of each client’s initial contact with us, I am here to support them. My support includes everything from schedule coordination to monitoring their progress based on pre-determined milestones.”

Maril is the managing partner of both WindoTrader and ExceptionalTrader. Her primary responsibility is orchestrating the day-to-day operations and coordinating team member support of subscribers and clients.

Her unique knowledge and experience, having traded her own portfolio in Futures and Options, and as a former owner/operator of two successful small businesses, contributes greatly to the overseeing of ExceptionalTrader’s business operation as well as client interface.



Eric Cassidy
Tech Developer

“I develop and continually improve our technology-driven support tools to help our clients do what they need and want to do to reach their goals.”

Over the past 15 years Eric has developed many iterations and complete re-writes of WindoTrader, the Market Profile, and Volume Analytics software for traders.

He has since used his experience with traders and prior development work to support ExceptionalTrader. Eric produces educational ‘tech tools’ that help clients benefit from technical functions enhancing their learning and management activities.


Kimberly Schulz
Facilitator and Coach

Based on my experience, the changes I made, and the results I’m achieving, Terry asked me if I would like to join the ET Team. I said yes. Why? Because I want to help traders become the best trader they’re capable of being”  

Growing up in the Chicago area, Kimberly was first exposed to trading at an early age when her class took a field trip to the Chicago Board of Trade. That experience planted the seeds for her interest in, and pursuit of, trading as a vocation.

Her second contact with trading occurred during the 15 plus years she worked and achieved success in the corporate world during the Dot-com boom and bust. Some of her clients were companies that went through a meteoric rise and fall in the market, giving Kimberly a ringside seat to the action.

She had left the management of her funds to a portfolio manager for longer-term investing. Unclear why her portfolio constantly under-performed, Kimberly took it upon herself to dig into how to make money in the market.

Her studies in investment led her to learn more about trading. Acknowledging her ‘entrepreneurial’ spirit and desire to manage her own funds, she immersed herself in course after course, book after book, and jumped from one trading expert to another. Like most beginning, independent traders, her journey took a roller-coaster ride; she experienced the joy of winning and the pain of losing.

Not one to give up and intent on being successful, Kimberly put together a course of study that required additional learning, and at the same time, unlearning beliefs from the corporate world such as ‘being results-driven,’ ‘always watch the bottom line,’ and ‘winning the deal is the #1 priority,’ which were counter-productive to developing the right mindset of a successful trader. While these beliefs had fueled Kimberly’s success in her prior career, they were obstacles to achieving her goals as a trader.

She became an Exceptional Trader client and mapped out a long-term development process for herself. A process that:

  • clarified her personal values and trading principles,
  • increased her non-technical abilities and skills,
  • developed her trading process and trading methodology, and
  • created an efficient business structure that separated her work as a trader from that of being the owner of a trading business.

As a result Kimberly executes her trading plan while continuously managing her skill development and deepening her market understanding, both of which made managing risk easier and increased her overall effectiveness.

Given her diligence, commitment, follow-through, and achievement, it was a no-brainer that Kimberly should be a member of the Exceptional Trader Team. As a team member Kimberly focuses her time and energy supporting ExceptionalTrader Community Members and Clients striving to be the trader they know they are capable of being.



Paul Petrillo
Client Development

 “As a result of my experience as a client working with the team through both individual and group processes, I became a team member to help others potentially avoid mistakes that cost me significant, time, energy and money.”

Paul, a long-time advisor in the financial services industry, started trading with Options, and then moved on to Futures (ES then CL). Along the way, he blew up his brokerage account multiples times. But when he heard about Market Profile, Paul subscribed to WindoTrader software.

Shortly thereafter he began working with Terry as a private client with the focus being to own his trading process. During his time as a client, he broke the chains of control the market had over him and quickly took back control of his trading.

As time progressed, Paul continued to participate in the Core Skills Workshop, Trading2Trader Group Process, and RoundTables. In 2016, having reached his first milestone as a trader, he joined the ExceptionalTrader Team and took on the responsibilities of Client Development.

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