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Tools to Transition from Trading to Trader


"Modify Your Dreams or Magnify Your Skills." Jim Rohn


Core Skills - Your proficiency in understanding, using, and continuously improving core skills dictates the level of success possible to achieve.



"Culture Drives Great Results." Jack Welch

Trading Culture – The principles that guide your performance clarify the primary components of your personal trading culture.


"Principle-Driven Structures Focus Performance." Gerry Gallop

Trading Structure - The operational plans, model, and systems you develop and constantly improve to increase your trading success.

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"Never Mistake Activity for Achievement." John Wooden

Trading Performance – Exceptional performance is the synthesis of your Core Skills, your Trading Culture and Trading Structure.

Client Comments

James Graham

Prior to working with ExceptionalTrader, I had
spent the majority of my professional, trading and personal life aimlessly going through life’s daily motions...read more.

Kimberly Schulz

Everyone is busy; my life is no exception. In the past, I was busy with a demanding sales job in corporate America. Now I have three young children and a new career as a trader....read more.

Floyd Hagen

I have always had an evolving idea of where I wanted to go, but it was never anything more than a vague notion that I would follow as I went with the flow of life...read more.

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