How Exceptional Performers, Perform with Dr. Robert Maurer

Special Guest Webinar Invitation

“Successful people recognize their need for support and consistently see reaching out to others as a strength rather than a weakness.”
—Robert Maurer

‘Building Your Trading Support Team’

with Dr. Robert Maurer

This ‘How an Exceptional Performer, Performs’ webinar features Robert Maurer, PhD.

Dr. Maurer is the author of ‘One Small Step Can Change Your Life’, ‘The Spirit of Kaizen’, and ‘Mastering Fear’, his latest book.

In this presentation, Dr. Maurer, based on his research will address seven types of support and what each type can mean to you and the members of your support team

In addition, Dr. Maurer will share several principles, concepts, and benefits of a true trading support team as a primary factor in achieving trading success.