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Core Skills Workshop

An interactive, self-directed learning experience

Our ‘do it with you’ approach helps you increase your ability to strengthen and capitalize on your Core Skills. Through our work together you will build, use, and refine no less than eight dynamic models that will directly impact your trading performance.


WEBINAR: Mastering the Art of Execution with Damon Pavlatos  

Damon began his career in the Futures industry in 1977. In 1986, Damon managed the S&P operations on the CME floor for Shearson-American Express and personally executed for many of the top hedge fund and institutional traders.

One client, Paul Tudor Jones, said Damon’s execution skills saved him an average of one-half of an S&P tick on every execution for the fund he was trading. Paul’s calculations came to estimate of over $1,000,000.00 in savings for one year. From that point on, Damon had no doubt about just how significant it was to be good at execution.

Damon is now the CEO of FuturePath Trading and PhotonTrader Software. He is active in the futures market as an Exchange member trader, a broker, and an educator.

Join us for this FREE webinar and learn from Damon ways you can potentially increase your bottom line through effective execution.


WEBINAR: The ExceptionalTrader Roadmap: One Way to Increase Your Odds for Success

Most prominent trading educators tell us that successful trading is the synthesis of four primary factors: market understanding, self-understanding, trading skill, and cumulative experience.

We certainly believe that these factors are essential; yet we also believe there are two additional factors significant for trading success-structure and systematization.

Based on our work with traders since mid-1990, we continually see the difference between those who trade and those striving to become successful traders.

Rest assured, this is not about a ‘silver bullet.’ It’s about work, work that’s focused, challenging, and deliberate.

To learn more about how structure and systemization can increase your results, join us for our FREE webinar on Wednesday, March 29th, at 1:30PM (Pacific)


Trader2Trader Group Process

Discover, develop and capitalize on dynamic models

Our three-stage and results-driven process is available for those Core Skills Workshop clients who want to go further. During this process is when we clarify your core trading culture, distill your trading structure, and exploit your trading performance.

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