Core Skills Workshop

Our ‘do it with you’ approach helps you increase your ability to strengthen and capitalize on your Core Skills. Through our work together you will build, use, and refine no less than eight dynamic models that can directly impact your trading performance.


As traders, we possess a unique set of skills.

Learn how to increase your ability to use these skills for results.

Some of these skills are 'robotic', such as:

  • Executing a proven trading system without deviation
  • Configuring charting software using specific inputs
  • Completing a session’s recap checklist

Yet others are more complex, allowing more than one method of execution. For instance:

  • Designing a trading plan for trending markets
  • Developing one’s self as a discretionary trader
  • Evaluating the probability of a current setup
  • Making a decision on a potential risk/reward scenario


The ExceptionalTrader Core Skills Workshop

It is a fact: A personalized structure for strengthening and capitalizing on one’s core skills makes a tangible difference in the results achieved.

Our Core Skills Workshop is a self-directed, interactive, learning experience wherein you do the work with our support.

You will:

  • increase your understanding of various principles related to skill development.
  • learn how to determine which skills are best suited to dealing with an issue or situation.
  • gain confidence in developing and refining models that best fit your personal style.

Caveat: Our Core Skills Workshop is NOT about making you adapt to a set of pre-designed models. It’s about helping you determine what would be the ‘best fit’ for you in strengthening your core trader skills.

The ExceptionalTrader Core Skills Workshop

Based on this proven principle, we developed our Core Skills Workshop. In this workshop we provide input, ideas, and feedback to help you design, build, test, experiment with, and refine your trading skills models --models that can help you optimize your core skills.

Our next Workshop begins Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

For more information or to enroll, please contact:

Core Skills Workshop FAQ

“Terry, you have my gratitude. I feel more empowered to continue the work of becoming a pro than ever before. I feel that I have the tools and resources to continue the process of discovery. Discovering what works for me. Discovering what doesn’t. Feeling the freedom to fail. And feeling the freedom to succeed. I feel that it’s ok for me to achieve results greater than anyone would predict. It’s ok for me to be extraordinary. It’s ok for me to stand out. I’ve had a spirit that prompts me to strive, to push, to attempt new things.

I enjoyed the presentation and commentary from the group members. Their content and perspectives stimulated my sense of belonging. I want more of that. I was surprised to discover differences of opinion and differences in market bias. On more than one occasion I found myself disagreeing with the assertions and conclusions from fellow participants, and this added a feeling of credibility to this group and this process. If we all thought and talked the same way then this would just be another pseudo-cult that I had stumbled into. Also, it made me feel that I have an edge, even among colleagues who think the same way that I do and use the same tools that I use."

—Eric Sheetz

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