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Our Work

“There is no one roadmap to success. We must each find our own way.” – H.T. Wiklund


Exceptional Trader defined: Exceptional traders do what other traders won’t, can’t, or don’t know how to do.


“Every master was once a beginner, every pro started as an amateur…” ~ Robin Sharma


What Our Clients Say

P70511641aFloyd Hagen

I have always had an evolving idea of where I wanted to go, but it was never anything more than a vague notion that I would follow as I went with the flow of life. I kept my eyes open and grabbed opportunities when they presented themselves, but I never had an actual plan to maximize them.

SquareOne sent me back to the beginning. I looked at my values for the first time. I focused in on my life’s vision for the first time. Instead of setting
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exceptional trader testimonialNicole Pritchard

“When I started trading, I was bombarded by methodologies, ideas, structures, and processes that I learned from some insightful people and also some not so insightful people. As I continued on my journey, I arranged my knowledge and beliefs about the market in an unconscious manor. That is to say, I didn’t know what I didn’t know and I wasn’t sure what information was the most valuable. I was always so busy trading, that I never looked in the mirror to see who I was. Additionally, I constantly…”
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michael denbleyker exceptional traderMichael DenBleyker

“Whether you are a seasoned trader or newly attempting to navigate the trading business, Square One is an opportunity to discover things about yourself and your business that will enlighten you and may even surprise you.

Before I began to go through Square One’s assessment process, I had been working on my trading business on a seasonal basis for many years. I’d spent that time trying this and that methodology, this and that charting package, technical charting styles…”
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